don't you just hate it when you don't know your feelings?
when you can't even know what's in your own mind?
when your emotions are not clear?
and all that happens because of a stupid school trip!
i mean why do we always have to fall for the wrong people?
the ones that hurt us!
and the saddest thing is that even when we know that they don't give a fuck about us, we still have hopes!
that's what hurts us the most! when our dreams are replaced by our worst nightmares...
and what can you do about it? nothing!
what can you do when the one you love with all your heart is thinking of someone else?
you can't change his feelings! neither your feelings...
you can't say to your mind to stop loving someone if your heart still does.
and then pain comes... the kind of pain that you can't stop because it comes from the inside. from your heart. pain is strong and can easily destroy you... destroy you in a different way... make you not want to talk to anyone... all you want is to sit in your room and listen to the music that reflects your feelings and say what you can't say! 'cause when words fail music speaks:)

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