lies hurt...

lies. lies. lies. lies.
so many lies... and i believe them like a fool! and then they hurt me and my feelings... obviously, no one thought i would get hurt... no one thought that these lies can destroy me... after all, it's my fault 'cause i believed them... i let those lies get into my heart as they were true... and when i realized their true identity it was already too late... they broke my heart... they made me cry... and why? because someone like you thought it would be a great idea to hurt me... to make me feel like he felt... to show me how hard it is to see everything that you believed in turn into lies... 

i hope he, at least, enjoyed it! that i didn't feel so much pain for nothing...:D


They say it takes a minute to find a special person,
an hour to appreciate them,
a day to love them,
but then an entire life to forget them.

it's strange how these words can mean so much to a person... how these simple words can reflect all their thoughts... but you know what? it didn't take me an hour to love you! only a few minutes and i started to think about you every single minute... maybe it was your eyes that amazed me. these eyes that every time that i look in them can't look away...! it's like you are doing me some kind of magic...! silly, huh? how can a girl like me have such strong feelings about someone that she barely knows... about a boy that everyone tells her he's an asshole! i don't even know why...! it's just you! yous silly voice, the way you move, the way stare at me and most of all your eyes! every time they ask me to make a wish i think about you and immediately know my wish. to be in your arms tonight... that will be my wish tonight and every night...!

good night my love!


tried to express my feelings but failed...xP

i was writing for an hour trying to find the right words... and erased them by the time i was finished! why? because i was trying to express my feelings about all the people that i care about [especially the one that i love the most] and when i finished i realized that i had made the worst mistake i could have made...! i was trying to express my feelings with words instead of actions...! because nothing can say what you have in your heart better than a love action! i don't mean to do what they do in movies! just be yourself! give that special one a kiss on the cheek! buy your friend the bracelet she was looking the other day but couldn't afford! that's the best way to show your love! not by writing all that stuff that you don't even mean! and the most important is to expect the others to do the same for you! an action that shows real love is better than the actual words...!

strange, huh? how a kiss can mean so much? how a hug can say all the things that words can't? that's magic! not fairys and unicorns!
that's real love...! :D



ok... mwlic eida t blog oloklhro kai ein ligaki xazo!xP
9elw na pw o titloc ein sunshine lover [latrhc thc liakadac] kai gia fonto uparxei vroxh!
alla etci ein... mporei na eim sunshine lover alla ta cinaic9hmata m ein can rain lover [latrhc thc vroxhc]!!
toco mperdemena! *3erw oti t lew ce cxedon ola t post alla auth ein h alh9eia...*
ti mia eic cigouroc gia to ti niw9eic kai thn allh MPOUM! erxetai mia hli9ia ekdromh kai ta kanei ola ckataaaaa!
ma covara twra! pou ein ekeino to koumpi pou kanei reset ta cinaic9hmata c? dipla c afto pou diagrafei th mnhmh??^.^ opoioc 3erei pou ein auto t ana9ematicmeno t koumpi parakalw n m enhmerwcei gt t xreiazomai!!!!
don't you just hate it when you don't know your feelings?
when you can't even know what's in your own mind?
when your emotions are not clear?
and all that happens because of a stupid school trip!
i mean why do we always have to fall for the wrong people?
the ones that hurt us!
and the saddest thing is that even when we know that they don't give a fuck about us, we still have hopes!
that's what hurts us the most! when our dreams are replaced by our worst nightmares...
and what can you do about it? nothing!
what can you do when the one you love with all your heart is thinking of someone else?
you can't change his feelings! neither your feelings...
you can't say to your mind to stop loving someone if your heart still does.
and then pain comes... the kind of pain that you can't stop because it comes from the inside. from your heart. pain is strong and can easily destroy you... destroy you in a different way... make you not want to talk to anyone... all you want is to sit in your room and listen to the music that reflects your feelings and say what you can't say! 'cause when words fail music speaks:)


ποσος καιρος εχει περασει και εγω δεν εχω γραψει... γιατι? φταινε ολα αυτα τα μπερδεμενα συναισθηματα... τωρα πια δεν ειμαι σιγουρη για τιποτα... ουτε καν για τον ιδιο μου τον εαυτο! και πωσ ν ειμαι οταν ολα για οσα ειμαι σιγουρη ανατρεπονται? ποιον να εμπιστευτω? για κανεναν δεν ειμ σιγουρη... 

τοσα ψεμματα εχουν ειπωθει... και ολα τα πιστεψα! σαν χαζη! μα δεν ειχα αλλη επιλογη... κανεισ δεν μ ειπε οτι μπορει ν πληγωθω... κανεισ δεν μ προειδοποιησε... επρεπε ν τ καταλαβω μονη μ. "μην εμπιστευεσαι αγνωστους". ετσι μου ελεγαν απο μικρη... και πωσ θα γνωρισω καποιον αν δεν τν εμπιστευτω? ειναι ενα ρισκο που παιρνεισ και ελπιζεισ να αξιζει... τισ περισσοτερεσ φορεσ δεν αξιζει. και αυτο σε κανει να εμπιστεύεσαι αγνωστουσ ολο και λιγοτερο... μεχρι να φτασεισ σε εκεινο τ σημειο που ολουσ τουσ θεωρεισ εχθρουσ. και απομακρυνεσαι απ' ολουσ... και στο τελοσ μενεισ μονοσ. μεσα σε ενα αδειο δωματιο να αναρωτιεσαι τι εκανεσ λαθοσ... μα δεν εκανεσ κατι λαθοσ! αλλα ουτε και κατι σωστο...! δεν υπαρχει σωστο και λαθοσ. ολα ειν υποκειμενικα... και εκει που σκεφτεσαι οτι τα πραγματα δεν μπορουν να γινουν χειροτερα, και η αληθεια ειναι οτι δεν μπορουν, μπαινει μια ηλιαχτιδα απο το σπασμενο παραθυρο και φωτιζει τον χωρο. ξαφνικα το δωματιο φαινεται διαφορετικο! δεν ειν εκεινο το αδειο αφιλοξενο δωματιο αλλα ενα αδειο δωματιο γεματο φωσ που περιμενει καποιοσ να τ δει ετσι οπωσ το βλεπεισ εσυ και να ταυτιστει με εκεινο...! και αυτο γινεται! αναθεωρεισ. δεν βλεπεισ πια τα πραγματα απο την ιδια οπτικη γωνια... τα βλεπεισ ολα με αλλο ματι. ολα σου φαινονται ομορφα, ετσι οπωσ θα επρεπε ν ειν!  και "μεταμορφωνεσαι" εσωτερικα, οπωσ και το δωματιο! τωρα πια εισαι ετοιμοσ να δεχτεισ τουσ καινουριουσ φιλουσ, οπωσ το δωματιο ειν ετοιμο να δεχτει τα καινουρια επιπλα! η καρδια σου δεν ειναι πια αδεια αλλα γεματη συναισθηματα και ετοιμη να χωρεσει ολουσ εκεινουσ που εσυ θα επιλεξεισ να ειν κοντα σου!

ετσι ειναι τα πραγματα! μερικεσ φορεσ αρκει μια και μονο ηλιαχτιδα για να τα αλλαξει ολα! να σε αλλαξει ολο! η ηλιαχτιδα αυτη μπορει να ειν οτιδηποτε! ειτε ενασ φιλοσ ειτε ενασ αγνωστοσ... μπορει να μην ειν καν κατι εμψυχο! ολα μπορουν να κανουν τη διαφορα στη ζωη σου! αρκει να εχεισ παντα ανοιχτα τα ματια σου για να δεισ την ηλιαχτιδα σου!