have you ever wondered what it'll be like when you die? i don't mean after you die, but at that moment when life leaves your body... i have never experienced something like this, but my mother did.. she almost died when she gave birth to my little sister.. (i think she was dead for some seconds before the doctors make her heart start beating again..)
she told me that she started to go towards the light.. and as closer she got all her emotions left.. she didn't feel pain.. she didn't also feel joy and happiness but at that moment when she had experienced such a great pain she didn't think of that... she just wanted to stop the pain..  and then, when she was ready to give in and die, she thought of my dad. she thought of me. that was when she decided not to give in.. she decided to fight for us... that moment she returned to life.

from the moment she told me how she felt i keep wondering how it will be if my mum didn't think of us that last moment.. i would have lost her for ever! i would be a totally different person... without my mum i would be another spoiled kid... that's why from the moment she told me that story i keep telling her how much i love her!
and that was a lesson. i understood that i can't appreciate anything if i don't think myself without it... if i know that i can live without it and be the same person i don't fight for it as hard as i could if it's presence makes me a better person... i now have the ability to separate the important things from the insignificant ones... that story was a life lesson! i am know a better person!=)

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