Long Time No See^.^

    I haven't written for sooooo long! But I don't have anything to write about and I hate those bloggers who write randomness after randomness! It seems that my life is boring since I haven't writen for something interesting for so long..xD I just wanted to say (after a really long time) that I finally met Mix Mix*! I met her when she was with a friend of mine and I couldn't believe it when she told me that she was Mix Mix*! Love you girl and I want to go out with you this time knowing who you are:3

Sunshine Lover

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  1. well it's their draw to write about whatever they want and they don't do it in order to be judged by anybody , so...
    happy you finally met that friend of you:)


  2. i know that they have the right to wright about whatever they want to and i know that most of the time i write silly and random things... i'm just saying that when it comes to me reading a blog i prefer more meaningful posts^^
    thank you so much(:

  3. Oh thank you:D Thats very kind of you!
    Like I said you that day love ur blog babe!<3
    Either can I believe that actually I met you. I had so much fun with you! It was so damn fun!