tried to express my feelings but failed...xP

i was writing for an hour trying to find the right words... and erased them by the time i was finished! why? because i was trying to express my feelings about all the people that i care about [especially the one that i love the most] and when i finished i realized that i had made the worst mistake i could have made...! i was trying to express my feelings with words instead of actions...! because nothing can say what you have in your heart better than a love action! i don't mean to do what they do in movies! just be yourself! give that special one a kiss on the cheek! buy your friend the bracelet she was looking the other day but couldn't afford! that's the best way to show your love! not by writing all that stuff that you don't even mean! and the most important is to expect the others to do the same for you! an action that shows real love is better than the actual words...!

strange, huh? how a kiss can mean so much? how a hug can say all the things that words can't? that's magic! not fairys and unicorns!
that's real love...! :D

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