No. My last post was a single word. My feelings when I wrote it couldn't be described neither with one thousand words nor just one. It's so difficult when everything that you hoped for and wished is getting ruined in front of your eyes. The anger you feel is huge, you want to break everything that gets in your way. Including the one who ruined your dream.
But then you start to think... Does all this really matters? Do I need to be so angry to this person? Rarely the answer is yes to these questions. Most of the times it's no. 'Cause this person has given you so much that in the end, when you start to think about it, it's like with your silent you pay them for all those things that make you smile.
And never forget all those moments when this person made you smile and laugh. Instead forget all those times this person made you cry. Just write the sad moments in the sand and the happy ones in a rock. 'Cause wind will erase the sad moments and the happy ones will stay.


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