It has been soooo long since i last wrote.. But everything is getting better now.. Well, not all times, but most of them I don't feel pain.. Maybe a blank inside me.. But most of the times I think I'm actually HAPPY! Crazy, huh?

I love talking to you and have a chance to know you better. Before you get bored and not talk to me anymore. 'Cause all this time you are replying to my comments and my questions. Now I think I will love you for the real you. Not for my perfect image of you, which is really close to the real you. I will stop thinking of you as a perfect person who is not giving me any attention. From now on you will be an imperfect person who, I think, wants to talk to me. Now I know the real you. And I love it more that the perfect you. It feels strange knowing some of your drawbacks and still loving you like i did before and sometimes even more. I love every stupid and selfish thing you say or do. And the thing I love the most is that you are actually saying all this to me.

And you know what? I will keep talking to you until the moment you will say that you don't want me to. Until then I will keep making fun of myself and showing you how much I love you without even knowing it..=]

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