Just a Story.

          -Jena? she yelled. One last thing. I want you to know that you are the one in my prayers. My spiritual guide told me to pray for someone and I picked you. You know, every time he tells me to calm down and just relax I imagine you. And you are happy.
          -How did it look like? Beeing happy?
          -I always imagine you with him. You sit next to each other. And there is always that big smile of yours and your eyes are literally shining! I want to believe that one day you will be that happy. That one day you will love him, she said but she knew that Jena would never love him. Not in the way she had loved Mike. But Mike belonged to the past and Jena was forced to forget him.
          Jena left the room and Luna was at last alone. She kept playing with the ring on her right thumb during the whole conversation with Jena. She was nervous. She hadn't got over Mikes death and Jena wasn't over with it either. Mike had come with Luna to Bali. He had met Jena there. Unfortunately, Jena was already arranged to marry someone else. Jena and Mike were truly in love and they planned to ran away together. But things hadn't gone out as planed. Mike had a car accident. Drunk driver. He died instantly. Jena was left alone to marry a man that would never replace Mike.
          Luna had lost her best friend. And at that time meditation was the only thing that could take the pain away. And that was what she did. She was isolated after his funeral. She meditated for a lot of hours and exercised like she never did. And the only time she thought about him was when she lied in her bed to sleep. That was the time when memories rushed her. She could lie there awake during the night and cry silently as she remembered the beautiful times they had spent together.
          The two girls, Luna and Jena, would visit his grave often and would tell stories about him. But all these were about to change. Jena would marry a totally strange man and Luna had to go back to London. Her family needed her. That wouldn't mean that they would forget about each other. The would e-mail. They had made a promise. And the would keep it in the membrance of Mike.Their friend and love.

Άρτεμις Μανουσάκη

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